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Welcome to Evolve Performing Arts!

Welcome to Evolve Performing Arts. My name is James and I am the UK director of Evolve Performing Arts. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, after which I hope you will understand more about our company, our goals and our ethos.

Evolve Performing Arts is an international creative arts company with centres in the UK and our headquarters in Singapore. We are at the forefront of the performing arts education scene in Singapore delivering weekly lessons to hundreds of students. Although we are new to the UK, we believe that our unique methods of teaching the arts in a fun and creative way will stand us in good stead to succeed in the UK just as we have in Asia.

Our main goal is for all of our students to grow in confidence through fun and creativity. Not all of our students will go on to become stars of the stage or screen but we hope that all of our students leave our classes with more self confidence and freedom of creativity that will serve them well in any walk of life.

Arts provisions and funding has been cut by 80% over the last decade yet there are more creative and uniquely talented young people than ever. We want to make arts education more available, more accessible and more fun.

With expert tutors in all areas of the performing arts including drama, musical theatre, dance, public speaking and technical theatre we have classes for everyone in our state of the art studios and in other venues and schools around the area.

From 18 months old to 80 years old there is no right or wrong time to start enjoying the performing arts. Whether it’s to further your Arts training through classes or exams or just to take up a new hobby, Evolve Performing Arts has a class and a community for you.

James & The Evolve Arts Team

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