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Child Model

8 - 11 YEARS OLD

Growing together


Musical Theatre
7 - 11 years old
90mins - £11

Inters is aimed at those who have had some experience in musical theatre already, although this is by no means a prerequisite, and who love singing and dancing as well as acting! We study the basic knowledge of stagecraft, acting and improvisation, singing and vocal warm up and dance technique (having roots in Jazz and Ballet) and work on communicating content through songs and movements. Class works towards regular performances in our studio and outside theatres.



Musical Theatre
6 - 16 years old
3 hours - £22

Our Saturday School is a performance class and is three hours long and gives the students the opportunity to work on strengths, weaknesses, technique, confidence and to put all those efforts into sparkling performances! The course allows for real attention to detail, in depth rehearsal, and skills that can be applied to school and careers in future. This concentrates on the three main areas of performance, an hour of each, Music, Dance and Acting.



Creative Drama
8 - 11 years old
1 hours - £8

Inters Creative Drama develops on our core beliefs that the arts really do benefit all, encouraging creativity, developing communication skills, team building and presentation techniques, lots of fun whilst also working towards a performance regularly. Each production focuses on a different area of Drama and allows the students to share and show what they have covered each term

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