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Musical Theatre
4 - 7 years old
60mins - £8

A fantastic introduction to Musical Theatre that works on basic vocal techniques, the foundations of jazz and ballet for musical theatre and how to use these art forms with the acting skills involved in putting on performances, expressing emotion and character and telling a story. Westend is an hour and a half long and works towards a performance in a fun and relaxed way whilst instilling confidence, team building and creativity. It is a very popular class for those who love singing, dancing and acting!



Creative Drama
4 - 7 years old
1hr - £8

Our Piccolos classes provide an outlet for all children, thespians or not. Our classes are fully interactive and huge fun. They develop creativity, confidence and communication skills through the use of classic stories and popular books, role play and vocal games. Without realising it the children learn to develop their own ideas and gain confidence in their own thoughts and processes.

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