14 - 18 YEARS OLD

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Musical Theatre
14 - 18 years old
3 hours - £20

Curtain Call is run as a Repertory Theatre programme would run and focusses on Musical Theatre in great depth and detail. Performance skills are honed and the students work individually, as well as a group. Obviously performance is our main aim and we pay real attention to detail. Our in depth rehearsals and skills can be applied to school and careers in the future. During the session the students concentrate on the three main areas of performance, an hour of each, Music, Dance and Acting. As well as this they study the history and development of theatre and music  and we feel that the course is a fabulous preparation for anyone heading to take the arts at A level or onto University or Drama School.



Creative Drama
14 - 18 years old
2 hours - £16

Our Teen actors will develop confidence in improvising situations, script work and developing scenes as part of a team. They will learn about the value of drama and character analysis and what it actually takes to keep an audience intrigued. Focus includes Role Play, Script Reading / Writing, Improvisation, Sight Reading, Drama Games, Character Research, Audition / Interview Technique and covers all areas of Drama from Shakespeare to Contemporary. Lots of performing potential!

Dramatic Actor